NSX Lab – Prepare Host Clusters for Network Virtualization

In preparation for vxlan, vibs need to be installed on the hosts.
From Networking and Security, Installation, right click on the Installation Status Cog, and Install



Once all hosts in the clusters are prepared, configure vxlan*

*This doesn’t always go to plan, don’t be surprised if you have to troubleshoot some issues first time around, DO NOT try and manually install vibs…if this is a rebuild check the hosts, they may show as needing a reboot – for tips on a rebuild see virtualpatel’s uninstall nsx blog



Select the dvSwitch, stop and think, this is going to be the transport network for vm traffic. If I’m simulating a hosts with x2 1GB and x2 10GB, I want this on my 10GB cards.

Next create an IP pool by selecting New IP Pool


So the details I’m entering IPs for the VTEPS …192.168.130.. not the same as the management network, check the layout diagrams again, think: data/transport plane, control plane, and management plane.


when you repeat for other clusters just select the pool


Once run check on the host the vtep vmk has been created, look for the typical vmx-vmnicPg-dvs–xxx name


Back to nsx manager on Logical Network Preparation check the IPs in VXLAN Transport



If it all look good then fine.

You can check the IP Pool by drilling down to nsx manager


In manage -> Grouping objects we see the pool we created, remember how to get here as we will be creating more pools later on



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