VMworld – On demand video recommendations 2

This is part two of recommendations from the VMworld on-demand library. Applying Software Design Patterns and Methodologies to Your IT Services (CNA2141BE) SRE is the practice of leveraging software development principles for running and managing infrastructure, operations, and applications.  Super interesting concept session that covers methodologies that originated with google to ensure site or service […]

VMworld Sessions – Practical NSX Distributed Firewall Policy Creation

Ron Fuller, double CCIE, co-author of NSX Fundamentals Live Lessons and NSX Essentials book, dives into one really powerful aspect of NSX, the distributed firewall and how policies can be created. The separation of network traffic has been fundamental to security compliance, for years we have been achieving this primarily through vlans and portgroups, switching […]

VMware NSX Security Features – Who should pay for them?

One of the typical questions when considering NSX deployments is who should be the administrator?  However this is often a two horse race, between Network and Virtualization Systems Administrators. Although NSX is SDN (software defined networking), the driver behind much of what it does is due to security requirements, using vlans to segregate layer two networks, […]