nsx lab – implement nsx edge services gateway devices

So far we have concerned ourselves with east-west traffic, now we are going to deploy an edge services perimeter gateway, The object is communication outside of the visualization layer, or outside of the datacenter, basically  north-south traffic. There are two options once we have a dLR 1. The distributed Logical Router could be configured with […]

nsx lab – Implement Logical Routers

Before we start lets get clear the objective, we need two vms web-1 and app-1 in separate layer 2 subnets. Although can now reach web-2 from Web-1 even though it’s on another host, we are unable to communicate between logical layer 2 segments For example web-1 in the network segment cannot communicate with app-1 […]

NSX Lab – Create Transport Zones

Next up is the transport zone. Configure the Transport Zone The Transport Zone is a collection of ESXi hosts that can communicate with each other through VTEP interfaces. A Transport Zone can extend across ESXi clusters, and across multiple dVSwitches, it defines the extension of a Logical Switch Although configuring the Transport Zone is easy,  […]

NSX Lab – Implement and Configure NSX Controllers

The recommendation of VMware is that controllers should be deployed in a management cluster. Although controllers can be scaled down after deployment, they are quite resource hungry, so be sure you have enough available cpu and memory. So far we have the manager with 4 cpus and 16GB of memory (including a 16 GB memory […]

NSX Lab – Prepare Host Clusters for Network Virtualization

In preparation for vxlan, vibs need to be installed on the hosts. From Networking and Security, Installation, right click on the Installation Status Cog, and Install   Once all hosts in the clusters are prepared, configure vxlan* *This doesn’t always go to plan, don’t be surprised if you have to troubleshoot some issues first time […]