VMware NSX Security Features – Who should pay for them?

One of the typical questions when considering NSX deployments is who should be the administrator?  However this is often a two horse race, between Network and Virtualization Systems Administrators. Although NSX is SDN (software defined networking), the driver behind much of what it does is due to security requirements, using vlans to segregate layer two networks, […]

NSX – Availability and Redundancy

vSphere administrators normally have two great fears, failure of Storage and failure in the network layer, as both of these can result in 100s or 1000s of virtual machines simultaneously going off line. Software defined networking such as NSX or vShield have the potential to bring those failures even closer to home. How has NSX been architected to make it […]

nsx lab – configure ECMP

If you are following on from other labs, before we start to configure ECMP, we need to do some cleanup, disable L2VPN on both edges, then remove the Trunk Interface from ESG-1 As this is a copy of a section of HOL 1603 I will not be including screen shots, – the folks at VMware […]

nsx lab – Configure DHCP Relay

For this lab you will need a DHCP server, if you have followed the lab design, it should be easy enough to add this to the pdc. Once done create a scope for with as the gateway Also you will need a vm configured for dynamic ip assignment.   1. Add Logical switch […]

nsx lab – one arm load balancer

Note: this lab is based on VMware HOL 1603 First you need a pair of web servers with apache configured – see here The goal is a simple one arm balancer to distribute traffic between web-1 and web-2 Note: there are two types of loadbalancer, this type One Arm or Proxy Mode is the simplest, […]

nsx lab -Configure dynamic routing protocols: OSPF

In the last post we configured static routes so the vm web-1 could reach the external layer 3 router Static routes are probably going to be exceptions, and most deployments will use a routing protocol. In this post we are going to configure the following OSPF areas and mappings If you haven’t be […]