VMworld – On demand video recommendations 1

As I have done in previous years, I want to highlight some of my favourite VMworld sessions. I’ve gone with an eclectic selection, I wanted to step away from the day job and feature technology or concepts I think I’ll need to know about in the future. All VMworld videos are freely available on https://videos.vmworld.com/global/2018 […]

Burro! it’s not about you, it’s about the business!

The Donkey has a well known reputation for stubbornness, a strong sense of self-preservation, means it’s difficult to force a donkey when it senses danger. Yet, Donkeys can be very dependable, although cautious they are intelligent, friendly, playful, and eager to learn. (Ref: wikipedia.org/wiki/Donkey) The Managed Service Model One of the terrifying ideas that crystalized for me during […]

VMworld Sessions – The Architectural Future of Network Virtualization

This was one of my favorite sessions on the NSX track in VMworld Barcelona, Bruce Davie, formally of Cisco and Nicira, now CTO and Principal Engineer for Networking at VMware. What I liked most was how he abstracted complexity.   “The problem is scale” With forecasters predicting a huge increase in devices, automation, security and application continuity will have […]

vsphere what’s new – vcsa – native backup and restore

Increased dependencies on vCenter mean than its loss could represent a huge loss of service to the control and management of on premises virtual infrastructures. No only VMware solutions but third party backup solutions, are increasingly dependent on vCenter availability. Deploying vCenter to a management cluster and buying additional licences to manage the management cluster […]

vsphere 6.5 what’s new – VCSA native high availability

The architecture of the external platform controllers, third party load balancers has had a few people scratching their heads, as it seems vmware were introducing unnecessary complexity. (personally I don’t agree, I see this as a move to align the vcenter with modern distributed database design, active directory has had multi-node replication for over a […]

vcenter platform service controller high availability

vSphere 6 External Platform Service Controller with or without a load balancer vSphere 6 introduces a distributed architecture for SSO and some other services. Recommended topologies such as those in KB: 2108548 all point to an external platform service controller and at first look seem to indicate that high availability would require a 3rd party load […]

vSphere Integrated Containers – Manageability and Security

vSphere Integrated Containers. For the last few years I’ve been noting with increasing anxiety the rise of docker and the predicted invasion of the virtualized machine environment. When VMware previewed the open source Photon platform and the vSphere Integrated Container initiates I breathed a sigh of relief that they had noticed the amassing armies of […]