Meet Elizabeth Bramson-Boudreau, MIT CEO at…

Futures has always been one of my favorite tech topics, what do the smart people think will happen…?Meet Elizabeth Bramson-Boudreau, MIT CEO at…IT spending is set to increase by 9%. Find out how you can thrive in this new environment – Register now for VMware Lead Forward Summit. Hosted by Pat Gelsinger, with MIT CEO, […]

VMworld 2020 is in the books! 930 sessions are…

Catch up sessions now online… if you are too busy to learn, you are not looking after your own professional developmentVMworld 2020 is in the books! 930 sessions are…Join us online for VMworld 2020. Learn about industry hot topics, preview new hands-on labs, and participate in networking events. Mark your calendar.VMware Social Media Advocacy

VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger’s 5 Biggest Statements…

It’s getting hard to define what VMware actually sells, they have gone way beyond hypervisors.VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger’s 5 Biggest Statements…Here’s Pat Gelsinger’s bullish remarks during VMworld 2020 on VMware’s future, partnership with Nvidia, 5G and COVID-19 disruption.VMware Social Media Advocacy

To VAR or not Far Enough

Watching the introduction of VAR into the English Premier League is proving to be a frustrating and contentious user experience. Technology has been introduced to reduce refereeing errors but stops short of embracing innovation. In the current implementation a team stationed in a video operation room checks on-field referee decisions, if that means humans scanning […]


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