VMware Cloud on AWS – Network Overview

Network is the foundation on which all others services depend, and it is fundamental that from both the AWS and VMware perspective we get this right before doing anything else. In this blog which follows on from VMware Cloud on AWS Overview, VMware Cloud on AWS – Elastic Resource Management, and VMware Cloud on AWS – Storage overview we […]

VMware Cloud on AWS – Overview and Setup

VMworld 2017 was a great opportunity to learn about VMware on AWS or VMC (VMware Cloud). What is being offered is a SDDC stack, ESXi, vSAN, and networks built on NSX. AWS will provide bare metal hosts with dual 18 core 2.3 Ghz CPUs, 512 GB of memory and 16 TB of SDD storage, VMware will […]

VMworld 2017 – The Exploding Cloud

VMWorld General Session US In the General session for VMWorld US, Pat Gelsinger, (VMWare CEO) looked to me like a guy who knew the party was coming to a close and it was time to make a move for the girl on the other side of the room. Amazon Web Services might not think of […]

Why don’t we do like AWS do? – Multisite Networking

When I started playing with virtual machines, I got a real buzz at how easy it was, spin up a vm, move it between servers or storage, right click and action. I get a similar buzz from working with AWS, they make technically complex but desirable solutions look easy. For example distributing an application across […]