PowerCLI – Get-VmMhzUsage

This will collects highest 10 samples of vm cpu usage within a set period It is part of a series for investigating cpu constrained vms and can be run on either a single vm or a cluster   [code language=”powershell”] # Acknowledgement: the absolutely brilliant Jason Coleman – http://virtuallyjason.blogspot.com.es/ # Modified russ 25/01/2016 # To […]

Insanely simple and incredibly useful PowerCLI snipits

I find that I’m spending an increasing amount of time in PowerCLI, partly that’s because I am working with groups of hosts or vms. It’s not that I’m working with scripts all the time, just that if I need to do some action at scale, a foreach loop is going to save a bunch of […]

nsx lab – configure ECMP

If you are following on from other labs, before we start to configure ECMP, we need to do some cleanup, disable L2VPN on both edges, then remove the Trunk Interface from ESG-1 As this is a copy of a section of HOL 1603 I will not be including screen shots, – the folks at VMware […]

virtual machine performance – high cpu ready lab

Application issues, undersizing a virtual machine, or applying a restrictive cpu limit can all result in cpu ready CPU Ready is the primary indicator of a cpu performance issue. Although it’s possible to create a cpu-ready alarm, every VMware admin needs to be able to recognize what the values mean.   How much cpu ready is ok It is […]

PowerCLI – Get-VmReadySpikesForXDays

Check up on ready values per cluster or vm PowerCLI Script for determining virtual machine ready values over a set threshold during a specified period. Use this script before applying vm cpu ready alarms to vCenter Read the explanatory post, so as to understand what is being generated and why it is important. Note: this […]

virtual machine performance – add cpu ready alarm

High cpu ready values are probably the single most recognised sign that a virtual machine is having problems, whether due to application issues, or cpu undersizing, the vSphere admin should know about it. Setting an alarm for this is so simple and flushes out the bad boys. The suggested settings are from VMware, 20% and 40%*. […]

nsx lab – Configure DHCP Relay

For this lab you will need a DHCP server, if you have followed the lab design, it should be easy enough to add this to the pdc. Once done create a scope for with as the gateway Also you will need a vm configured for dynamic ip assignment.   1. Add Logical switch […]