vcix-dcv-design math – Get admission control percentage

VMware are clear about the importance of setting admission control on vSphere clusters, and the preference of using the percentage calculation where possible A simple formula will help calculate for heterogeneous cluster*    For example I have a 12 node vsphere cluster and want to tolerate the loss of 4 hosts 100 / <number of hosts […]

PowerCLI – Get-Datastore Naa and Capacity

simple script to extract fc naa and capacity info [code language=”powershell”] $AllDS = Get-Datastore $results = @() foreach ($ds in $AllDS) { $dsview = $ds | Get-View $resultsarray = "" | Select "DatastoreName","CanonicalName","CapacityGB","FreeSpaceGB" $resultsarray."DatastoreName" = $ds.Name $resultsarray."CanonicalName" = $ $resultsarray."CapacityGB" = $ds.CapacityGB $resultsarray."FreeSpaceGB" = $ds.FreeSpaceGB $results += $resultsarray } $results | Sort-Object DatastoreName [/code]

vSphere 6 dVS NIOC Bandwidth Control

Bandwidth control methods are changed in vsphere 6 distributed virtual switches with NIOC 3 System Traffic,  Network Resource Pools, Network Shares, Reservations and Limits, Traffic Filtering and Marking, QaS, Cos Tagging, DCSP Tagging, Network Traffic Rules, System Traffic Types, System Traffic Qualifiers, MAC Traffic Qualifiers, IP Traffic Qualifiers, dVS ACLs… The following diagram helps see […]

VCIX6 DCV Design – Exam Preparation Workbook

Trying to keep track of what you have read in preparing for the advanced level design exam is a task in itself. I’ve created a downloadable excel file that contains objectives and hyperlinks as per blueprint 3V0-622 v1.2, published on 4 December 2015       VMware Certified Advanced Professional 6 – Data Center Virtualization […]

virtual machine – measure windows cpu performance when limits are applied

In the previous posts I wrote about virtual machine cpu limits not being exposed to the guest OS. This presents concerns for systems and application admins when investigating performance related issues The example vm has a cpu limit of 750 MHz, though neither the OS or vCenter are triggering alarms. Keep in mind; operating system cpu percentage values […]

PowerCLI – Get-ByBlueFolder List VM HardDisk and Scsi Id Information

List information for virtual machine harddisk, harddisk number, size, scsi id, and raw canonical name This can be run against a single vm or all vms in a blue folder (use get-folder to list folder names…)   [code language=”powershell”] <# Get-ByBlueFolderVmHardDiskScsiId .Description Get vm’s hard disk, SCSI position and RDM cannonical name russ 02/02/2016 .Acknowledgments […]

PowerCLI – Get-VmMhzUsage

This will collects highest 10 samples of vm cpu usage within a set period It is part of a series for investigating cpu constrained vms and can be run on either a single vm or a cluster   [code language=”powershell”] # Acknowledgement: the absolutely brilliant Jason Coleman – # Modified russ 25/01/2016 # To […]