VMworld Session Review: Oracle licensing

You don’t need to attend the big tech conferences to listen to some of the top minds in the industry sharing their thoughts. Here are a couple of sessions that should be obligatory viewing for anyone with Oracle products on their estate.

Let’s be clear Oracle has some great products, and you should definitely pay for what you use, but misinterpretation of licensing terms could have huge implications for your organisation.

Getting a clear understanding licence requirements has become as vital as technical considerations, so much so, that we now have attorneys speak at IT shows.

Heard about Mars v. Oracle? Explore Oracle Audits with Experts and Attorneys (BCA2292BE)

A fascinating insight into the world of audit best practice, and how to deal with the claim that “Oracle programs are installed on any processors where the programs are available for use…” Pay attention to the warnings around the consequences of capitulation to resolve conflict. 

The session focuses on an Oracle licensee’s contractual rights, and what can be learned from the lawsuit between Mars and Oracle.   
(see Oracle Audit Lessons & mars-vs-oracle )

Licensing Oracle and SQL Server on vSphere (BCA2533BE)

Complementary to the Mars and Oracle session, this also covers SQL licensing and caveats, and how these relate to costs and compliance.  Some move to cloud scenarios are also covered.

The session also includes a heads up in regard to changes of Oracle’s Java licensing. (see also what you need to know about changes to Java licensing )

You can access VMworld session replays without charge either through a VMworld account, or directly through GitHub

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