VMworld – On demand video recommendations 2

This is part two of recommendations from the VMworld on-demand library.

Applying Software Design Patterns and Methodologies to Your IT Services (CNA2141BE)

SRE is the practice of leveraging software development principles for running and managing infrastructure, operations, and applications. 

Super interesting concept session that covers methodologies that originated with google to ensure site or service reliability and availability. Why and how source/version control, configuration management, immutability and CI/CD are important in managing infrastructure


Great Power, Great Responsibility: Least Privilege Security with AppDefense (SAI3219BE)

The session highlights the importance of least privilege access, minimizing attack surface and current difficulties in operationalizing security. 

Chris goes on to show VMware’s approach to this, how AppDefense learns about application intended state. He also looks at difficulties associated with traditional whitelisting, how population analysis, distributed consensus and machine learning can be used to identify malicious behavior. 


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