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As I have done in previous years, I want to highlight some of my favourite VMworld sessions. I’ve gone with an eclectic selection, I wanted to step away from the day job and feature technology or concepts I think I’ll need to know about in the future.

All VMworld videos are freely available on https://videos.vmworld.com/global/2018 or if you wish to download https://github.com/jorgedlcruz/vmworld-2018-breakout-sessions-mp4/blob/master/vmworld-europe-mp4-url.md

Emerging Technologies in the Real World (CTO1917BE)

Easy to listen to, covering technologies such as Blockchain, IoT, ML/AI and Serverless without the hype. Amanda goes on the discuss VMware projects such as Project Concord, Pulse IoT Center, Dispatch, Dimension and how VMware is focusing on providing tools manage these technologies at enterprise scale.


Introduction to NSX SD-WAN by VeloCloud: Transforming the WAN (BRE2129BE)

Bruce Davie starts the session outlining the use case, he explains his qualifications to talk about branch to site networking and how the requirements have changed since MPLS. VeloCloud is a cloud provided SD-WAN solution that delivers assured network performance over inexpensive consumer broadband.

Watch this 4 minute video as an introduction.

Ray Wong gets into the details and there are 10 minutes or so which get a bit heavy, but be sure to hang on for the discussion comparing UDP and SD-WAN for video conferencing. The basic concept of SD-WAN is really sensible, this could be a massively disruptive technology, the synergies it’s likely to share with NSX are going to enhance the solution even more.


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