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Just in case you wondered how I ended up on an analysts’ couch in Silicon valley…

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I wanted to highlight some of the VMware community programs I’ve been involved with over the last year, I’ve had a blast, and others might want to, and can share these experiences.

VMware Certification Subject Matter Experts

This was how I started 2017, helping write a VCP exam, VMware want certified non-VMware techs to help them write their exams, you get exam credit as a benefit.

In my case we had workshops over a week, as some of the panel were in Palto Alto that meant a few late nights, which was perfect as it didn’t interfere with the day job. Take a look at the panel, these people really know their stuff.

Big thanks to Ken, and Dianne who did a fantastic job of leading and moderating the panel.

If you are interested and hold the appropriate VMware certifications apply here



I first heard about vExpert in the study groups for VMware Advanced Exams.

vExpert is similar to Microsoft’s MVP program. In my case it’s an incentive to write blogs, and engage with VMware. My wife thinks it’s working for nothing, but there are great benefits, a complementally subscription to pluralsight, opportunities to interact directly with VMware product teams, and the possibility to be selected as an official blogger (with complementary pass) for VMworld.

If you are interested and willing to put in the effort, 2018 applications are open until midnight PDT 19 January.

Thank you Corey and the advocacy team.


VMUG leadership and all it leads to

I started as a local VMUG leader in 2016, for the first event I asked Chris Wahl to present, I knew of him through pluralsight training, but I’d never met him. But when you say it’s for VMUG people listen.

VMUG has huge support from the top down, each year at VMworld, VMware CEO, Pat Gelsinger and EMEA VP/CTO, Joe Baguley, always join us for a lunch time chat, Q&A session and thank us for what we do.

But the highlight of 2017 was the VMUG leader summit out in VMware Campus, Palo Alto. Just getting the invite is massive, but we were made to feel so appreciated.  We had sessions with VMware CTO, Chris Wolf. Pat Gelsinger explained the company strategy and plans, great workshops and panel sessions from the guys that build the stuff I click on in the day job.

The VMUG board and the team at VMware, Robin Matlock, and especially Ann and Jean made this one of the coolest things I’ve ever done. It’s like being invited on to the starship enterprise meeting the Captain and Crew and having donuts and coffee.

VMware Campus is a beautiful place, it stands on woodland belonging to Stanford University, a privileged place to work, they even have a turtle pond.  On the first evening of the summit, VMware laid on a genius bar for us, packed with gurus (yes William Lam was there…) and many others… and that’s when I ended up on the couch…