VMworld 2017 – The Exploding Cloud

VMWorld General Session US

In the General session for VMWorld US, Pat Gelsinger, (VMWare CEO) looked to me like a guy who knew the party was coming to a close and it was time to make a move for the girl on the other side of the room.

Amazon Web Services might not think of themselves in that way, but they are clearly very attractive to VMware, and while no one has promised monogamous exclusivity, VMware has made an enviable match.

However, in the same keynote Gelsinger predicted a coming trend; the exploding cloud, he didn’t use those words, he expressed it as the pendulum swinging from centralized to distributed.

In the same way that desktop compute went from mainframe to pc, part of the future of IT is at the edge. So, while cloud will undoubtedly get bigger, some operations especially IoT are just not practical in a centralized model. It makes more sense to aggregate the data locally and then pass what is useful up to a centralized repository.

This is of course a fact that AWS are not unaware of, not only with the launch of Greengrass, but their Queue and Workflow Services, data steaming Kineses service and others demonstrate AWS belief in the business need for hybrid, or tri-brid clouds (private, public and distributed edge devices).

So, while we wait for cloud everywhere, VMware on AWS looks to capture private cloud customers who want the advantage of global scale public cloud that operates like on premise.

VMWorld Europe is packed with sessions on VMware on AWS, that will be the main theme of my posts for this years show.