Why attend a vmug event

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While many companies are cutting back on training budgets, giving employees a few hours off to learn for free is welcomed. New products and new technologies are shaking the world of traditional systems and network admins.

Last year I wanted to learn what backup and recovery products are currently on the market, so I requested a number of vendors to demo their products and got a good overall picture by dedicating an hour or two to each vendor, and it cost nothing but time.

The value of VMware User Groups is that it’s not the vendor who does all the talking, and it’s not you who asks all the questions, listening to your peers talk about issues they are facing and letting the vendor explain is a great format. When vendors bring along their customers and these explain implementation you know you not being sold smoke.

Your local VMUG is a learning channel, it’s a great opportunity to peer review new technologies, mix with fellow technicians, vendors, VMware staff, get something to eat and even win some goodies.

You can search for your local meetings here

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