vsphere what’s new – vcsa – native backup and restore



Increased dependencies on vCenter mean than its loss could represent a huge loss of service to the control and management of on premises virtual infrastructures. No only VMware solutions but third party backup solutions, are increasingly dependent on vCenter availability.

Deploying vCenter to a management cluster and buying additional licences to manage the management cluster help to mitigate the chicken and egg scenario that could result if vCenter is backed up to an application that is reliant on its availability.

The introduction of native backup and restore for vsphere 6.5 VCSA & PSC appliances is an important improvement that may save you lost weekends and sleepless nights.



Removing the dependency on 3rd party backup solutions, allows the restore vCenter Server or PSC instances to  a brand new appliance. What us really cool is that this is done from the VCSA iso and supports backup/restore of both VCSA & PSC appliances, including embedded and external deployments.