vsphere 6.5 what’s new – VCSA native high availability


native-ha-boxThe architecture of the external platform controllers, third party load balancers has had a few people scratching their heads, as it seems vmware were introducing unnecessary complexity. (personally I don’t agree, I see this as a move to align the vcenter with modern distributed database design, active directory has had multi-node replication for over a decade)

For those who yearn for the good old days of a simple one node vcenter, a reality check on dependencies is due, 5 years ago, reinstalling vCenter and repointing to the old database was a valid recovery method, but not now, the vcenter has become the center of the universe for a large part of the environment.

Of course a catastrophe loss of vCenter is unlikely, and virtual machines continue to run as normal, but any solution registered to vCenter may either stop working or become unavailable for administration. For a number of environments that could mean backup services, nsx, openstack… etc…

Well in vSphere 6.5 native HA is now available,for the vCenter,  this an important improvement in re-architecture of the vsphere ecosystem. It’s clear that VMware have got he message that customers want simplicity.

The architecture is based on private network interconnections, and a third appliance to avoid split brain scenarios. What VMware are proclaiming is the ease of setting up a multi-node HA environment.

The complete HA package will come when not only the vCenter but the Platform Service Controllers are also Native HA, for now we still need to use a third party load balancer for the PSC, otherwise repoint or restore from backup if a PSC is lost. VMware are working toward this, but for now no release dates for PSC native HA are published.