VCAP6 NV Deploy – Exam Preparation Workbook

For those aspiring to certify as VCIX6-NV, the VCAP6-NV Deploy is the second stop after obtaining VCP6-NV

This excel workbook helps keep track of what objectives you feel comfortable with,  what needs to be mastered, as well as including the official references.

Content is based on:

I will add additional references, page numbers etc, and notes in the future


VCAP-NV Deploy Workbook


Hope it helps



5 thoughts on “VCAP6 NV Deploy – Exam Preparation Workbook”

  1. Hi great resource,
    I have a question regarding the vmware certification path is it mandatory to Do the vcap6-nv exams Deployment and design to aquire vcix-nv?
    The certification isnt clear for me?
    I would like to start from scratch don’t have vmware certification need some advise

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