VCAP6 NV Deploy – Exam Preparation Workbook

For those aspiring to certify as VCIX6-NV, the VCAP6-NV Deploy is the second stop after obtaining VCP6-NV

This excel workbook helps keep track of what objectives you feel comfortable with,  what needs to be mastered, as well as including the official references.

Content is based on:

I will add additional references, page numbers etc, and notes in the future


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Hope it helps



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  1. Great work. I am planning to go for VCIX-NV. This is a very good starting point.

  2. Hi great resource,
    I have a question regarding the vmware certification path is it mandatory to Do the vcap6-nv exams Deployment and design to aquire vcix-nv?
    The certification isnt clear for me?
    I would like to start from scratch don’t have vmware certification need some advise

  3. Hello,
    i won’t able to download provide link,appriciate if you can provide updated link

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Jimish

      Should work now, there was an error due to me changing domains, please check and let me know

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