vmware design math – calculate new cluster requirements

design math – calculate new cluster requirements Question 1
Inventory of 100 physical servers 
75 Severs with 2 x 2 core 2.5GHZ intel CPU’s
25 Servers with 2 x 4 core 2.5GHZ intel CPU’s
75 Servers with 4GB of memory
25 Servers with 16GB of memory
Average peak CPU usage PER CORE on each physical server is 10 % (so multiple by the number of the cores, not machines)
Average peak Memory usage per physical server is 75%
Customer has decided to obtain new hardware for the esxi servers, these will have xeon dual socket, 12 core 2.1GHZ Intel CPU’s with 128GB of memory.
Calculate host cpu and memory usage should to run at 80% peak*
*ignore memory savings etc.
The cluster needs to be able to sustain two host failures 
What is the minimum amount of physical hosts the customer should purchase?
And what percentage of HA failover should be set?

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