nsx lab – configure ECMP

If you are following on from other labs, before we start to configure ECMP, we need to do some cleanup, disable L2VPN on both edges, then remove the Trunk Interface from ESG-1

As this is a copy of a section of HOL 1603 I will not be including screen shots, – the folks at VMware HOL have done a great job.  see http://docs.hol.pub/HOL-2016/hol-sdc-1603_html_en/index.html and look for ECMP and High Availability

What you might find helpful is the diagram


For ECMP to work, no gateway should be configured on the Perimeter Edges.
The above design uses /24 masking throughout.
Transit Network Interface, OSPF areas and area to interface mappings differ to those of HOL 1603.