NSX Lab – Integrate NSX Manager with vCenter Server

Once the nsx manage is deployed it needs to be registered with vCenter
From a web browser open https://<manager ip>



Then choose Manage vCenter Registration



First configure the lookup service

Note the port for the lookup service in vsphere 6 is now 443



Before adding the vCenter an account with administrative access needs to be created to synchronize NSX Manager with the vCenter Server.
*If the password has non-Ascii characters, you must change it before synchronizing the NSX Manager with the vCenter Server

In my case I created a service account in the domain and then added it as administrator to the vCenter


Back at the nsx manager, configure the vCenter connection




If correct the status of both services will show as connected



In order for other users to access nsx log out of the vSphere client and log back in with the same account as used to connect from the nsx manager.


The icon for nsx should now be visible



You will have to specifically assign permissions on nsx to other users.
Drill down to the manager, and then Manage and Users



Add groups or accounts to the manage tab.
In this case I’m adding the user DCA\dca1 as an all powerful Enterprise Admin










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