NSX lab – Deploy the NSX Manager virtual appliance 6.2

NSX  manager is deployed from an ova file, (upgrade from a tar.gz).
Before you start, it’s a good idea to diagram your environment, have clear in mind the ip and subnets you will use. Locating the manager and controllers on a separate esx cluster is the recommendation.

Be sure your dvSwitch is setup dvSwitch and port groups for nsx lab

After deciding on ips, create entries in dns, don’t forget this!

This is a checklist of the information you need to deploy

  • dvportgroup = dvpg-mgmt-management
  • Name = nsx-manager
  • nsx-manager ip = /24
  • Gateway = (vyos virtual router appliance)
  • dns = (domain controller)
  • ntp = (domain controller with ntp service activated)


Open up the web browser to the vCenter and…its time to deploy…






Select name and folder

Select storage

The nsx-manager will need to talk to the vcenter and hosts, so put it on the same network








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