NSX Lab Series

Network Virtualization is challenging for those of us coming from a systems admin background.

In this series of posts there are lots of diagrams, so you can see the layout of hosts, network switches, controllers, and understand the traffic flows, and routing requirements

If you are a visual learner like me, then I hope you find this helpful…

nsx lab – host and virtual machine layout

nsx lab – nested host networking and dVS setup

nsx lab – problems and issues with nested esx hosts


nsx lab – deploy nsx manager

Deploy the NSX Manager virtual appliance

nsx lab – register with vCenter

Integrate the NSX Manager with vCenter Server

nsx lab – deploy nsx controllers

Implement and Configure NSX Controllers

nsx lab – prepare esxi hosts

Prepare Host Clusters for Network Virtualization

nsx lab – create transport zones

Create Transport Zones, Configure the control plane mode for a Transport Zone, and Add clusters to Transport Zones

nsx lab – create logical switches

Create/Delete Logical Switches

nsx lab – implement logical router

Implement a Distributed Logical Router

nsx lab – implement nsx edge services gateway devices

Deploy an nsx edge services gateway

nsx lab – add/remove static routes

Add/Remove static routes to nsx edge gateway

nsx lab – configure dynamic routing protocols: OSPF

Create OSPF areas and configure dynamic routing on the ESG

nsx lab – configure layer 2 vpn/stretched network

This has been one of the most challenging posts so far, mainly due to not reading the source material through. It is based on a blog by vExpert Giuliano Bertello, I have added my own diagrams, and my lab is 6.2. 


The next couple of blogs are work in progress…

nsx lab – one arm loadbalancer

Create a simple one arm load balancer to distribute traffic between two web servers


nsx lab – Configure DHCP Relay

nsx lab – Configure DHCP Relay




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