Security Audit – Get and Set host logging

If you are going to be logging to disk, either local or a shared volume. PowerCLI can be used to set individual hosts log values for log size and rotation, do the math so you are sure your disk will always have space.

For example: if you set log size to 10 MB and 32 rotations you will need 320 MB per log, with 14 logs set accordingly you will need 320 MB x 14 = 4,480 MB of free space. Shouldn’t be an issue for most environments, but it adds up.

Decide size and rotations with the security team, they are only interested in a retention period, so check after a month or so, and evaluate, I’ve put in some default values according to VMware, these are fairly standard.

Here is a script that allows you configure hosts quickly and simply – the values are hardcoded but are easy enough to identify and change.

Get and Set Host Logging